"TAT definitely creates a new kind of music: folk, progressive, post-classic and experimental [...] Albums like these are rough, and rare, they are beautiful." (D-SIDE No. 32, September 2006)

► Concert as an opening act for Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance), February 13th @ Ninkasi, Lyon

► Music video 2010 'The Warlike Days Are Over'

"Tat, alchemical post-folk French pride..." (OBSKÜRE, May 2019)

In 2019, Tat and his original partner Le Chiffre, are joined by Nevah and Ombra, giving birth to Tat Resurrectio. The purpose of Tat Resurrectio is experimental: to make a musical alchemy, based on antic and medieval alchemical boards and sacred texts.

With their different projects, Tat Resurrectio members shared the stage with bands such as: Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order), Anne Clark, Front 242, Arcana, Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance).

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